Personal Branding is all the rage!

But, here’s the problem:

You can have all the branding in the world but if you have a difficult time standing up and presenting your product or explaining your service to a crowd of 100 or a group of 5 you are going to have a difficult time getting the client and moving product.

I can’t teach your confidence.

I can’t get rid of your nerves.

I CAN teach you to create the winning impression, present your ideas clearly and convincingly and win over your audience.

I can help you realize your potential through the experience of speaking well.


  • How to Approach your Speech and Transform Your Words into Profit
  • Enhance Your Personal Style- What kind of Speaker are You?
  • How to talk about yourself and your product in a Concise, Articulate manner.
  • Effectively Use Your Voice: Pausing ,Pacing for Clarity of Speech
  • Use Body Language more Effectively
  • Boost your sales and Engage Your Audience with Dynamic Intentions.

Maximize Your Speaking Efforts!


October 17, 2015



Artscape Youngplace

207-180 Shaw Street

Toronto, ON

M6J 2W5